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Mary Beth Landis

Mary Beth Landis

Bedford, PA


Lines, angles, shapes and patterns create realistic abstract images. Most photographic works by Mary Beth Landis are based on her interpretation of the subject’s geometric structure. Her sights are puzzles to be solved by discovering the point of view that best accentuates the patterns.

Color, black and white, as well as digitally enhanced photographs articulate her collections that are printed on high quality photo paper, metal, acrylic, canvas and wood. She is also the author of visual and educational books as well as the creator of calendars and note cards.

Her photographic accomplishments include numerous awards and appearances in a variety of venues: Juried Fine Art Shows, Art Gallery Shows, Solo Art Shows, Hotel Decorations, Publications, Advertisements, Retail Stores and Donated Works for Non-profit Organizations’ Fundraisers.

More than 30 years in the world of photography and Mary Beth continues to have the intense fascination of structures viewed from unique angles.

Mary Beth is a retired educator and resides in Bedford, PA with her husband Keith and Maltese Heidi.

Currently her artwork is in the 321 Gallery, Hollidaysburg, PA, Blair Medical Center, Altoona, PA, Altoona’s Southern Allegheny Museum of Art and the Southern Allegheny Museum of Art in Ligonier, PA.


The Best Gift by Mary Beth Landis


Pretty in Pink by Mary Beth Landis


Puppy Coat by Mary Beth Landis


Lost by Mary Beth Landis


Christmas Scarf by Mary Beth Landis


Nap Time by Mary Beth Landis


Working Dog by Mary Beth Landis


What's Up? by Mary Beth Landis


Cat Business by Mary Beth Landis


Loved by Mary Beth Landis


The Eyes Have It by Mary Beth Landis


Tip of the Hat by Mary Beth Landis